Coronavirus Community Support - Penrith

CCS Penrith has been created for the purpose of matching volunteers and people needing assistance in the Penrith, Cumbria area. This is a fully volunteer led website and service, so please bear with us in this fast moving situation. All our volunteers and admins will do their best to help and assist.

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I need Assistance

If you need assistance from a local volunteer, please submit your request here.

I would like to volunteer

If you are looking to help out in your local area, view Assistance Requests

Local Business Updates

Click here to find updates from local businesses and services in the Penrith Area.

Official Government Guidance

Links to the official guidance from the Government are found here.

Please note this website and the volunteer service is created, maintained and managed by volunteers. We are not affiliated to any group or official body. We accept no responsibility for any issue or claim arising from the volunteer support or information contained within this website. Data stored within this website has been freely given for the sole purposes of assisting people in this tough time. No marketing activity will take place and all data will be removed when the volunteer service is no longer needed. Please be patient as this is a fast moving situation. This website will be updated as often as possible.

How Requesting Assistance Works

When you request assistance, one of our administrators will review your request and match you to a volunteer. The volunteer will be given your contact details and will get in touch directly to assist you.

Please bear in mind that volunteers circumstances change. We do aim to make this volunteer service as safe as possible, but none of the volunteers are vetted beforehand and are just concerned members of the community willing to help. Take precautions to keep yourself safe and the volunteer at all times.

How Volunteering Works

If you would like to volunteer – please view the Assistance Requests by clicking the button on the right. When you respond to a request, the full details will be emailed to you directly You will be given the contact details of someone who needs assistance and it will be up to you to contact them and help them out in anyway you are comfortable with. Please let us know the outcome.

Please make sure you keep yourself safe as well as anyone you may come into contact with.

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