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Welcome to the educational resource page.

This page will be constantly updated with new projects and resources for children to carry out while schools are closed.

Shaun Silson, a retired teacher at Ullswater Community College, has prepared some ideas for projects that parents can work through with their children and these will be updated as he sends them through.

As with anything on this website – please send any additions, recommendations and resources through to john@ccspenrith.co.uk.

Shaun Silson: Home Projects

Small projects for you to try out with your children during lockdown


Identify Leaves

Photograph the leaves on tress you walk past and try to identify what species they are. Make a PDF booklet to send to you friends.


Meal Costing

Work out exactly what you need for every meal for a week for your family then cost it out using an online site. Look for cheaper alternatives.


Local Buildings

Photograph the tops of the buildings in your town from your window. What can you find out about them. e.g the Penrith Observer in Penrith.


Plant Identification

Count how many different types of bushes there are in your local hedges during your daily exercise. Can you identify them. Again make a PDF guide to publish to your friends.



Go for a walk and discuss did god create man or man create god?. Give reasons for what you say.


Car Costing

For older kids get information on how much it costs to buy and run a car for a year. Present your information to your parents and watch them turn grey.


Life History

Ask your grandparents or elderly neighbours to tell you (via phone) about when they were your age and write a side by side comparison with your life at the same age. What games did they play. what was school like then. How did they manage without modern technology. 



Play counties bingo get a map of the counties in the UK. Let your kids study it for 10 mins then have a race to point to whichever county you name. Lots of other variations are possible.


Virtual Tours

Lots of museums have online sites where you can browse. Many Art galleries also have such sites.  Take a tour of a museum virtually and write an article on its contents.

CCS Penrith: Educational Resources

Free resources for home education.

1 to 8 Free downloadable worksheets https://teachables.scholastic.com/teachables/learn-at-home.html
All A website with crazy and interesting facts and topics https://sdm-tfx.digital.scholastic.com/?authCtx=U.794217314
All Great website with plenty of content – free during school closures https://www.brainpop.com/
Ages 5+ Free trial available – teach kids how to code https://www.tynker.com/
Foundation to Upper KS2 Free resources and projects https://www.discoveryeducation.co.uk/free-resources
All Youtube Channel of educational videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7EFWpvc1wYuUwrtZ_BLi9A
All Virtual tours of Museums and Galleries https://www.travelandleisure.com/attractions/museums-galleries/museums-with-virtual-tours
All Website dedicated to homeschooling https://allinonehomeschool.com/
All Maths website – free during school closures https://www.splashlearn.com/
All Zoo and animal based educational website https://switchzoo.com/
All Loads of educational resources https://www.e-learningforkids.org/
Home Schooling Resources
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